Personalised Mini Art Print Collection

Personalised Mini Art Print Collection


Pick and choose your favourite Flux artworks and create your own personalised mini art print pack. Whether you don't have the space for larger wall art or your life is so much in Flux you don't have the walls, now you can carry all your favourite pieces in mini art print pack. Choose any prints on this site or the Flux instagram feed. 

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Mini Art Print Pack by Visual Flux

Product Information

127mm x 127mm = £10 (pack of ten prints)

Free shipping for all prints, anywhere in the world.

Printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper with a white matte surface.

All prints are borderless.

Non square artworks will be cropped to fit a square.

Mini print packs are packed in a premium white envelope. 

Please allow up to 2 weeks for postage/shipping.

Prints may vary slightly from images shown.

Although every effort is made to protect prints, Visual Flux cannot take responsibility for damages that occur during transit.

If you aren't clear which prints you want, we'll attempt to get in touch to confirm. This may delay delivery of your order. If we can't contact you to confirm, we'll send a random selection of prints.