About Visual Flux

Thanks for exploring Visual Flux, feel free to bathe in a swirling sea of colour and soak up the view in to an ever changing variety of worlds. You can see and shop contemporary art prints and clothing, and discover a new way of looking at the world.

I am Mike Thebridge, the artist behind Visual Flux. The Visual Flux brand has helped me define my work and present it to the world. I've dreamed of being an artist since school, strived to make that dream real and never wanted for anything else since.

For a long time after studying painting, at Winchester School of Art, I wasn't certain whether I was an artist yet, or how to go about being one. I experimented with lots of styles, mediums and business ventures. Visual Flux helped me break free from this uncertainty, allowed my to confidently define my artistic style and voice and it also gave me a great platform to share my work with fans.

Nothing endures but change.
— Heraclitus

Flux, meaning endless change, succinctly expresses my driving views on life and work. I found this quote by Heraclitus early in life and it shaped my entire approach to making Art, now I can continuously redefine my work in response to the constant change we experience from moment to moment. The work I make and share with you documents this change and you can follow my journey through this strange and beautiful world.

Starting to make work digitally was a big opportunity for me too. Digital art is cheaper, cleaner and quicker to make than traditional mediums and I can produce ideas as quickly as they appear. I can experiment endlessly and take my work in many directions at the same time. I enjoy bringing the physical and digital worlds together, and translating objects and images between the two is a large part of my practice. I like the way the digital world distorts how we see the physical. 

A lot of my work is very colourful and often quite surreal. I like taking objects and images I find, often becoming quite obsessed with them, and emphasising the parts I like most; this is why colours regularly become vibrant and saturated. As for the psychedelic strangeness which crops up in a lot of my pieces, this is just a reflection of how strange and confusing the world we inhabit is. 

I don't feel I am particularly unique, just trying to do what every artist has done: externalising their internal experience of reality in their time and culture. The only reality I can know is that of the present moment, which is gone instantly. I want to make images that ask questions of the nature of our world and can create new illusory worlds to momentarily escape into.

I want to make art which is accessible, like music, I want viewers to be able to see the colours and shapes and get lost in the moment and their thoughts, as I often do.

Photo by the wonderful  Elicea Andrews

Photo by the wonderful Elicea Andrews


2016 - Flowers: The Solace of Humanity - Solo Show @ Sampa Coffee Gallery

2013 - Squeize - Group show @ The Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, London

2013 - With Torch and Spear - Group Show @ Winchester Gallery, Winchester

2012 - Symbols Illusions Dreams - Solo show @ Hyde Tavern Cellars