My experience with Visual Flux so far

I started creating work under the moniker Visual Flux in 2016. Like an image gradually coming in to focus, the ideas, purpose and creative direction have become clearer over time.


I have often wondered what is true and real. Science can describe so much more than what we can see. From the subatomic to the intergalactic I was keen to understand how these mind-bending areas of study effect our everyday life. I came to the understanding that even though we only experience a very small fraction of reality, everything we experience is filtered through the lens of consciousness. My art work describes my experience of our complex world, through my lens of experience.


I don’t believe in minimalism or trying to reduce the complexity of reality. I try to pay homage to quantum weirdness and the cosmos with my work, I want my work to echo the awesome strangeness of these alien scales of existence. However, it is the lens of conscious experience that I want to interrogate most. Whichever subjects we study, the way we experience and represent them is how they appear to us on the stage of conscious experience, how does that experience differ from what is appearing in reality? How do other people experience reality? How different are our experiences of the same objects and images?


The more I looked at the world and studied how we perceive it, the more I realised that not only is the world in constant flux, changing and evolving, but our perception of reality is perpetually shifting too. Each moment can give rise to markedly different experiences; every time you look there is a chance for your perception to change and induce a new internal experience.


As I have continued to work under Flux I seen fewer constants, less constancy of beliefs and growing waves of change rippling through all levels of experience. If we can embrace and harness this constant change on a personal level, we could understand each other more, make less of our differences and, rather than fight to hold on to the present, find the best changes to make for the future.

Mike ThebridgeComment